Relay for Life Season 2012 has Started!!!

Second Life©, created and produced by Linden Labs, provides a virtual platform for the vibrant community of individuals from around the globe, who socialize, create products and deliver services in a 24/7 visual virtual world.

The American Cancer Society is one of the most visible and successful communities in Second Life, closing in on $2,000,000.00 raised over the past 7 years through Relay for Life of Second Life and other related events.

Since 2008, the “Lanterns for Life” team has been the Official Relay for Life team of the “Green Lantern Core” and has continued striving making new goals each year following.

Last years Relay in 2011 theme “Seasons of Hope”, The Lanterns for Life set sailed to new highs sponsoring a sim for Relay for their first time and raising over $2,500+ USD.

This years Relay for 2012 theme “Time for a Cure”, the Lanterns for Life has became 1 of the 6 Premium Sponsors and will strive to blow last years team total out of the water.

You can donate to the team below by going to the “Lanterns for Life” link to help us reach new goals, and ensuring that the cure for cancer will continually be funded until their is one.

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Review: Swamp Thing #3

As we last saw our cabbage breathed hero, Alec was at the mercy of Abigail Arcane.  This issue starts with a doctor talking to a child named Williamn who is deathly allergic to Cholrophyll (anyone else see where this is going?  good, if not you need to think really hard) and confined to a bubble for his own safety.  The doctor encourages William to try to socialize more with the other children at the hospital, even though he can’t leave the safety of his bubble he should still try to make friends, and explains that he likes to go scuba diving.  During the conversation William hears a mysterious voice calling his name from one of the trophy fish on the wall.  The doctor calls in some orderlies and has William moved to one of the play rooms where of course there is a bully who wants to pop the enclosure and threatens to do it that night at midnight.  Back to Abigail holding Alec at gunpoint ordering him to “do something.”  Alec eventually calls on the green, unconsciously i might add, to tie up Abigail.  Abigail explains that she now believes he is who is claims to be.  She says she was once in love with Swamp Thing when it was using his body.  She asks for Alec’s help and says she is taking him to a hospital in Texas, there’s a boy she needs to save.

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Review: Demon Knights #3

When last we saw our band of would be heroes they were preparing for an assault.  As we start up Issue #3 in this tale of magic and awesomeness we see Etrigan and Xanadu as Xanadu uses her own life force to put up a temporary barrier to keep the Horde at bay so the townspeople and the heroes can rally a defense.  This greatly upsets Etrigan who lashes out, cursing the town priest with a burning demonic touch and claiming that he’ll roast the town alive if Xanadu dies.  The mysterious horsewoman comes riding through the barrier Xanadu set up saying not even that can keep her out and she will go where she pleases, seems there is more to her than it seems.  Then realizing his time is short Etrigan switches back to Jason Blood and we see Xanadu professing how she loves Blood and not the demon, to which people nearby make a comment about the would be love triangle.

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Unmasked: Cid Jacobs

I joined Second Life in 2004, bright-eyed and with fresh ideas. But now, I’m what you call an “oldbie” around these parts. I have not been very active in the community, but I still help out when I can. The first time I logged in I didn’t really give a whole lot of thought to this being something I would be involved with for almost a decade of my life, but Second Life has a way of creeping up on you.

From the start, Second Life represented something to me that I had not had the chance to do up until that point. It gave me the ability to bring together two things I loved: Helping people, and Green Lantern comics. Founding the Green Lantern Core became a mission and I set myself to bring together the best, brightest, and kindest minds in Second Life. Together these Emerald Warriors and I would tackle as many problems as we could.

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Green Lantern Corps #3 – Spoilers

Things get really messy in issue 3 and they quickly go from bad to worse. The group of Green Lanterns is now facing off against an overwhelming number of the willpower resistant invaders.

Gardner, Stewar, Isamot, Hannu, Sheriff, Brik and Vandor are facing off against the army that has encompassed them. They are barely holding them off and quickly losing ground. When we last saw Isamot, he had lost his arms and legs, but he is still in the fight with his power ring on his tongue now.

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Flashback: Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #1

This title starts with Guy Gardner recording a video about an upcoming mission. Suddenly, his ring alerts him to the location of stolen Rakkonium. Gardner quickly leaves for the uncharted sectors. As he arrives he sees a science vessel that has been overrun with pirates. In true Gardner-fashion, he busts his way through and quickly deals with the pirates. He manages to rescue the scientists on board, but they are pretty upset with how reckless he was with saving them.

After some reflection on this little mission, Gardner recalls the deal he made with Ganthet and Atrocitus and decides it’s time to take a more proactive approach.

We then see Gardner face to face with the Guardians. He outlines his plan for going into the uncharted sectors to head-off threats that may be outside of the Corps sphere of influence. Almost as a complete shock to Gardner, the Guardians agree and tell him to start his mission immediately.

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Review: Swamp Thing 1 & 2

Well after Brightest Day it looks like Swamp Thing is tied into the Green Lantern Corps because of him being the White Light bearer (like it or not) so i figured a review of the new Swamp Thing series would be a good idea.  This series acknowledges the events of Brightest Day so if you haven’t read that series you should do so first.

As the comics start we see what’s happened to Alec Holland since the end of Brightest Day Aftermath.  He’s forsaken the power of Swamp Thing and his life as a chemist and become a construction worker.  He still has all his memories of being Swamp Thing, and even gives medical advice based around plants to some fellow construction workers.  Well when someone is having trouble because of coming back from the dead, apparently Superman has to come give them advice because he shows up at the construction site later that day and talks to Alec about how a little bit of work can make you realize how important everything is.  Alec thanks Superman for his advice but admits that even though he feels lost he doesn’t want to be found.  Cut to dig site of a mammoth skeleton, the skeleton has gone missing and the scientists there are attacked by insects that seemingly reanimate the dead bodies of the scientists and attack other scientists. Meanwhile Alec is at home asleep having a nightmare about how he became Swamp Thing, he wakes up to his room full of flowers and plans and as he runs out of the room into the woods he is confronted by Swamp Thing as the issue closes out.

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Review: Demon Knights 1 & 2

Hey everyone, i figured even though we’re a Green Lantern based group some variety might be awesome so here’s my review of Demon Knights issues 1 & 2.

These comics take place in the Dark Ages,  long before the rest of the current DC comics.  Initially we’re introduced and given the backstory for Etrigan and Jason Blood, which I won’t spoil here because its very good and I want you to go read the comics yourself.  I will say its different slightly from the old one.  If you’re familiar with Etrigan, you pretty much know that these comics are going to be very violent, and that fact is drilled into you with the introductions of Madame Xanadu and Vandal Savage (one of the classic villains in DC comics who in this series becomes allies with Etrigan through bizarre circumstances).  You also are introduced to the town of Little Spring, a small village directly in the path of the Horde, lead by the Questing Queen and Mordru (another classic DC villain).  The Horde is a gathering of barbaric creatures and savages who have been rampaging through the country killing anything that gets in their way.

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Green Lantern #3 – Spoilers

Green Lantern has not missed a step yet, and issue 3 keeps it on track and takes it to a new level. We start with Carol entering her apartment just as her phone rings. Tom Kalmaku is on the line and tells her to turn the television on. She is then staring at an unbelievable sight: Jordan and Sinestro working together to save the bridge from issue 2 from collapsing.

Meanwhile, Jordan is fighting his own insecurities and wanting to go say goodbye to Carol before leaving with Sinestro to protect Korugar. Sinestro reminds Jordan that he has failed in romance as he failed at being a Green Lantern, and his only hope of doing anything right is to forget his own petty problems and join him in a battle against the Sinestro Corps.

We then return to Oa, only to see the Guardians discussing the emotional lobotomy they performed on Ganthet. He has lost all of his feelings and is now ruled only by cold logic.

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Flashback: Green Lantern Corps Vol 1 #201

Welcome to the Corps, poozer! This is the very first issue of the Green Lantern Corps. Green Lantern Volume 2 changed it’s title at issue 200, after the Guardians announced they were leaving with the Zamaron for another dimension. The Green Lanterns are now left without the guiding voice of the Guardians and must fend for themselves.

Salakk and Ch’p are traveling through deep space in the first scene. Ch’p is explaining to Salakk that he has been erased from the history of his homeworld due to the Crisis on Infinite Earths and has no reason to stay in his sector. He has decided to patrol Sector 2814, home of his good friend Hal Jordan. Salakk has agreed to patrol 2814 as well. He say’s it’s for a change of scenery, but in reality it’s probably to hang onto the sense of community he has built with the Green Lantern Corps, and to avoid being lonely.

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