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About the GLC

The Green Lantern Core (GLC) was started on July 24, 2004 as a simple Green Lantern fan group; and has since evolved into a multi-national public service organization. We are a tightly-knit group of like-minded residents; who volunteer our time assisting others and helping to make the Second Life experience a positive one for all.

We serve in many different areas including:
-Fundraising for charities such as Relay for Life, Habitat for Humanity, Anime Twin Cities and other Second Life & Real World charities.
-Orientation Assistance for New Residents
-Anti-griefing Patrols
-Parcel Security Configuration for Land Owners and security consultations

We also have many group level activities including:
-Weekly meetings
-Events (Charity, Celebratory, and Group related)
-Build and Script Classes
-Green Lantern related builds, discussions, and role-play

If you have any other questions or would like to apply to the Green Lantern Core, find a kiosk in New Oa & Sandbox Oa sim, or contact any of the names listed below.

Current Leadership Roster - Active (Updated:7/27/13)

  • Guardian: Jeff Beckenbauer
  • Guardian: Cathy Gray
  • Guardian: Ariel Miranda
  • Guardian: Ceri Denimore
  • Guardian: Euclidean Surface
  • Guardian: Quinstar Gremlin
  • Guardian: Hensonian Pennyfeather

  • Honor Guard: Heinrich Muircastle
  • Honor Guard: Morgoroth Netizen
  • Honor Guard: Tee Cramer
  • Honor Guard: Tharian Lachman
  • Honor Guard: Bart Allen
  • Honor Guard: Jessi Castaignede
  • Honor Guard: Ai Kikuchiyo-Stine
  • Honor Guard: Darrien Lightworker

  • ION: Trina Alexander (Head Trainer)

For information on the Green Lantern Core in Second Life, contact Guardians: Jeff Beckenbauer, Ariel Miranda & Cathy Gray.

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